An effective Cover Letter or Thank-You Letter 
will spark the interest of a prospective employer. 

Cover Letter:

Everyone needs a cover letter because it gives you the opportunity to speak to your potential employer before they see your resume. You can highlight reasons for applying to their company and list aspects of your experience, accomplishments, education, and skills that align with their job posting.

Cover Letter TIP: Never send a resume without a cover letter, 
even if the employer did not request it. Your cover letter allows you to match some of the keywords posted in the job description and provides your prospective employer with a sample of your written communication skills.
Letter of Inquiry:

You may already know of one or more companies that align with your professional interests that have not posted current job openings.
Your Letter of Inquiry can acquaint them with your interest in their company, your skills and abilities that could prove valuable to them, and your suggestion to schedule a meeting, phone call, etc.
Follow-up Letter or Thank You Letter:

Send a Follow-up or Thank You Letter immediately after an interview. Your letter provides the opportunity to refine answers to any of your interview questions plus the chance to make important points about your candidacy that were not presented in the interview.

If you don't receive a job offer, your resume and support letters could end up in their file cabinet rather than their waste basket.

References Page (List of References):

Be prepared to provide a list of business references at an interview. Your prospective employer wants to know what previous employers and/or co-workers say about your knowledge, skills, work ethic, etc.

One-Page Executive Bio:

Call Sunwest if you need a full-page "Executive Bio" to supplement your current executive resume. If you need a new executive resume, we will include the "Executive Bio" in your package (free of charge).
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