Resume Pricing

    1 - Page Resume: $149

    2 - Page Resume: $249

    3 - Page Resume: $349

   Executive Resume/CV: $399 to $699

*On rare occasions, certain circumstances can affect our stated prices for resumes. They can include document complexity, any additional research requirements, or technical language issues. After we talk with you and review your existing materials, we will offer a firm price quote subject to your approval.

Letter Pricing

   Cover Letter: $49 to $69

      (Additional Cover Letter: $49 each)

   Thank-You Letter:   $69

      (Additional Thank-You Letter: $49 each)


   Your "Professional References" Page:  

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​   Your cover letter and resume also formatted 
   in "plain text" format - for "copy and paste" 
   into an email or into an online job application.

     FREE with purchase of any Resume Package

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