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We help you succeed with your job search
because we provide...

A personal interview with you (in our office, by phone, or Skype). We want to know you...your personality...your professional goals, etc., before we begin putting words on paper.

A questionnaire (15 powerful questions) to uncover valuable information about your work history, personal and professional accomplishments, goals, etc., that will help your resume and cover letter, "stand out from the crowd."

A review of your current resume and support materials.
We highlight your accomplishments because many resumes
provide only job descriptions of previous employment.

A "draft" version of your new resume/cover letter delivered via e-mail for your review. You can doublecheck each prepared document for factual information, style, grammar, page design, etc. After modifications, we will e-mail another "draft" for your review and approval. We can talk with you by phone, e-mail, etc., to resolve any issues or answer any questions.

A "final" draft of your new resume/cover letter delivered via e-mail. We send your materials in MS Word 2003, MS Word 2007, and Adobe PDF format.

A CD-ROM of your new resume/cover letter files in MS Word 2003, MS Word 2007, and Adobe PDF format. Plus FREE "Thank-you"
and "Follow-up" letters (MS Word 2003/2007 format) that you can modify and send following an interview.

A professional presentation folder containing: 1) Your CD-ROM, 2) One printed copy of your resume, cover letter, return address envelope...all on high quality resume paper (more copies available by request), and 3) Additional pages of job search ideas, interview tips, etc. Pick up your folder in person...or we can mail it to you.

A healthy dose of encouragement. Finding a new job, a better job, or a new career path can positively change your life. You will know that we want you to succeed. Our reward comes when you schedule an interview or land a new job. Keep us posted...we love success stories!

When your resume is too important to write yourself...
The road to your future begins
with a successful job search.

Sunwest Office Solutions, Inc., provides customized office services and creative marketing solutions
to small businesses.

While creating a mission statement and identifying our business goals, we recognized a striking similarity between small business needs and the needs of individuals looking
for rewarding, meaningful work.

Both benefit from professionally written materials that tell the world, "We're strong, capable, committed, and ready to take action."

An integral part of our company, Sunwest Resumes provides professional resume writing and letter writing services to individuals looking for new opportunities
to grow, serve, and contribute.
Sunwest Resumes provides professional resume writing and letter writing services
to individuals in Mansfield, TX, Arlington, TX, and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
Sunwest Resumes
Professional Resume Writing and Letter Writing Services
  Sunwest Resumes
(817) 714-5545